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16 Charitable Ways to Celebrate Valentine’s Day.

I like this post a great deal, for two big reasons. First, it reminds me of a post I wrote for Mindful Living. Second, it reminded me of how long ago, I made peace with Valentine’s Day, but never took the next step to make it a day to share the love with others. Maybe it is time I started.


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The Weight of Resolutions.


I wrote this post for Mindful Living NJ just before the holidays. I had seen several instances online documenting the weight obsession and thought that personalizing it would help get a message of “health” > “weight”.

What I missed mentioning is that while I admit the weight gain, I didn’t admit I was unhealthy. My cholesterol levels are good for a woman my age. I have good blood pressure. I eat organic. I have not been sick this entire cold/flu season. The ten pounds didn’t automatically shift me into the “unhealthy” column.

And I’ve yet to eat a Twinkie.

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