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16 Charitable Ways to Celebrate Valentine’s Day.

I like this post a great deal, for two big reasons. First, it reminds me of a post I wrote for Mindful Living. Second, it reminded me of how long ago, I made peace with Valentine’s Day, but never took the next step to make it a day to share the love with others. Maybe it is time I started.


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Some of my fondest childhood memories growing up in Virginia involve spending time outdoors – with trees – climbing them, sitting beneath them with a book or using them to hide during a favorite nighttime game “Ghost in the Graveyard”; which is why this post struck a chord with me.
I was dismayed to learn that this type of over protection is present in NJ and I encourage anyone who reads this and feels the same way to take the advice of Andy who commented:
Well, if you don’t want to just sit there and say “tsk-tsk,” you can always write or call members of the town council and let them know how foolish they look.

Township Council

* John Button, Mayor
* Greg Gallo, Deputy Mayor
* Christopher Chiacchio
* Stacey F. Jordan
* Michael Testa

Town Hall
2 Executive Drive, Suite 9
Moorestown, New Jersey 08057
(856) 235-0912

School Inspectors Say: Trees Too Dangerous! Hi Readers — This is a column I wrote for Creators, my syndicate. (Feel free to ask your local paper to carry me every week!) Anyway, I wanted to make sure you saw this one, so here it is. Happy weekend! — L. NO CHILD LEFT OUTSIDE For almost a half-century, kids at the farm-based Moorestown Children's School in New Jersey have spent a lot of their time stomping in the mud, running through the meadow and visiting the barn, blissfully oblivious t … Read More

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