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The Weight of Resolutions.


I wrote this post for Mindful Living NJ just before the holidays. I had seen several instances online documenting the weight obsession and thought that personalizing it would help get a message of “health” > “weight”.

What I missed mentioning is that while I admit the weight gain, I didn’t admit I was unhealthy. My cholesterol levels are good for a woman my age. I have good blood pressure. I eat organic. I have not been sick this entire cold/flu season. The ten pounds didn’t automatically shift me into the “unhealthy” column.

And I’ve yet to eat a Twinkie.


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There is a section of Stephen King’s memoir “On Writing” that I’ve now read at least a dozen times. It is titled: What Writing Is. In this brilliantly written section, he unequivocally states there is proof mental telepathy exists. Stephen King says writing is telepathy.

This concept has stayed with me. It is simple yet profound. It is liberating and intimidating.

Each time I choose to write, I have the ability to convey my thoughts – the ones I’m having now – to you whenever you choose¬† to read this. It is a tremendous gift and a huge responsibility. King recommends any writer unable to take writing seriously would better spend time doing something less worthy, like washing the car.

He says:

“…you must not come lightly to the blank page.”

So here and now I make my promise to you the reader and to Stephen King, that I will always and forever take the art of writing very seriously and never approach the blank page – or screen as the case may be – lightly.

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